Danny is a very sweet dog how is enjoying all the new smells and sounds around him. He is great with other dogs, approx. 4 years old.  In foster in Hertfordshire.

Here's Onni. He loves his walks and is very good both on and off lead. Onni is a very friendly and affectionate , although he is dog friendly and would be better suited as an only dog or with a quieter older dog.

Tia is a 6 month old girl who is slowly building confidence and growing into a lovely little dog. 

Thumberlina is an 18 month old,  spayed female. She is small size and therefore will not be homed with young children.  She is a lively girl who gets along well with other dogs.

All the dogs on this page are looking for forever homes through no fault of their own.  If you would like more information on any of these dogs please contact us.  Please check our Arriving Soon page for dogs who have their passports and are awaiting their date to come to the UK.

Lola is only a pup but is likely to grow into a big girl. She is currently in foster with children, dogs and cats and would love a family of her own.   RESERVED

Little Summer is 4/5 months old and turning into a lovely little pup.  She is great with other dogs and enjoying all what life has to offer in the UK. 

Tiny Monica is a 3 year old female. She is a very lively dog, but due to her size she won't be homed with young children.   RESERVED

Here's Lilly and Lola.  These 2 little beautiful dax cross sisters are so close we wouldn't dream of spiltting them up.  The will not be homed with young children.  RESERVED