Teddy - Poor Teddy had a rough start, but with determination he recovered and was fit and well enough to travel to the UK. Three years on he looks like a different dog.

Sasha and Meg - Sasha was the first of these sisters to be adopted by a lovely family in Knebworth. When they found out her sibling was still looking for a home they initally volunteered to foster her. More than two years on and these sisters are still happily living together - as the famly decided to adopt Meg too.

Rhuna lived a very miserable life on the streets. She spent her days looking for food and trying to advoid the many dog catchers.  After a short stay in a foster home when she arrived in the UK, the perfect family found her.

Mia was found in the grounds of a school in Romania, and arrived in the UK in May 2016. She has settled into her new home in Bristol where she is thoroughly spoilt. 

Pickle - Brought to the UK with his siblings Pickle struggled to adapt to everyday lifeHe spent over two years in a foster home, due to him being so timid. Pickle has now finally found the person who he wants to be his mum.  and together they will embark on a new journey together in Germany.

Maddie - Little Maddie was found as a stray and adopted by the rescues founder., Viv. The little lap dog grew and grew and has became a beautiful big girl. Her after photo shows her meeting her original rescuer Christina.

Moffy was found in a field when he was four months old. He's now thoroughly spoiled and loves going to the park to play with his doggy friends, though he has a bit of a reputation as a notorious ball thief!

We try and keep in touch with all our dogs and adopters. Here are just a few of our success stories, and their before and after photos.  Visit our wall of fame and see the other gorgeous dogs who have found their forever home.